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Wrong Guy Executed? I Don't Care.


I’m gunna begin this Gregalogue by stating plainly that I’m probably a jerk.

I say this, because when I examine the opinion I am about to give – the reason for that opinion could be that I’m a jerk. So here goes:

Apparently, A DNA test on a strand of hair has cast doubt on the guilt of a dude named Claude Jones, who was executed a decade ago in Texas, while evil George W. Bush was governor.

The guy had been found guilty for shooting a liquor store owner named Allen Hilzendager to death in 1989.

His getaway driver Danny (they’re always named Danny) had been previously convicted of shooting a girl between the eyes – and dumping her in a graveyard.

So, a wonderful pair.

Anyway, much of the “primary” evidence against Jones came from his accomplices. But the hair had been the only physical evidence linking Jones to the scene -and the DNA analysis said it wasn’t his, and could in fact be the victim’s instead.

So the guy was executed, when he shouldn’t have been.

Sad story.

But not for me.

Jones was a brutal, career criminal, who – while serving a 21-year jail sentence, set fire to his cellmate, killing him. Even though a lot of people are now making hay about this DNA finding – life’s too short for me to care if the court messed up.

This guy was involved, and had a history of cruelty against fellow humans- strand of hair or not. An innocent person died – either directly, or indirectly – cuz of him. Even Jones said, before he died, that he hoped his death “can bring some closure to y’all.”

It did. And I thank him for that.

That makes me a jerk. I know I am wrong – yep I do – But I can live with it.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist, homophobic jerkophobe.


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