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A Birthday Note For Media Matters' Eric Boehlert


So it was Eric Boehlert’s birthday last night, and no one noticed.

Well, except for me. I sent the Media Matters mope a bouquet of edible underwear – since it may be one of the few things George Soros won’t pay for.

But what a gloomy day for E-B. He has just one job: watching Fox News in his tie-dye onesie… and he even screwed that up. Days ago, his hive of hacks mistook a Leno skit for a Fox Special Report clip. And this caused them to issue a “regret the error” note.

Now – don’t get me wrong. This is NOT a big deal. People make mistakes like this all the time. I probably made seven of them in the last sentence. So no gloating over here.

However, it should offer a moment of contemplation for Eric, as that curved line of middle age descends toward death: this is what you do for a living, and you don’t do it well.

Think about it. Your job is to focus all of your energies on “media bias.” But because the media world – i.e. television news, motion pictures, the art world, news papers, academia, all forms of pop music and pop culture in general – are liberal- it only leaves your progressive outfit with one real target.

And that’s Fox News. So that’s got to tell you something: if your time is consumed needling just one outlet – that says you’re barnacled to the bloated side of liberal bias. Or, you would have many more targets.

Simple, no?

Worse, that’s a cushy job, and you mucked it up. You’re like that kid in class whose only assignment is to carry around an egg – a lesson in responsibility – and you dropped it. That’s got to be a sign: as another birthday passes, it’s time to do something for a living an adult can be proud of. Churning out repetitive spurts of envious whining doesn’t make for a life – even if Soros pays dearly for it.

An alternative: pressed flower craft. it’s like decoupage, but with pressed flowers.

And if you disagree with me, you’re worse than Hitler.


the lovely Lauren Sivan!

the lovely John Gibson!

the lovely Imogen Lloyd Webber!

Bonus for Media Matters tonight: the Robots recreate Eric’s birthday!

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