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Obama Giving Clinton the Keys to the Presidency Back Inspires My 'O-Bill!'


So that impromptu press conference on Friday was fun. For a brief moment, I felt like I had traveled back to the mid nineties, and every year of time travel had knocked a sandwich off Bill Clinton. He resembled one of those inflatable “party Clintons” you hire for events – but Obama had neglected to blow this one up.

There, our President actually said, “I’m going to take off,” letting Clinton take over – something he could not resist. Handing him the podium was like giving him a Playboy Bunny made of hot dogs. He didn’t know whether to eat it, or bang it.

And, it reminded me of trying to buy a car. Faced with two sales guys of murky seniority – it’s the top guy who ends up heading out to close a bigger deal. For some reason, I’m always stuck with the rambling, folksy guy. He’s got all the time in the world to tell you about his grandkids. That’s Clinton.

So what does this say about Obama?

That he’s too cool for school.

He’s a man with other things on his brain (egg nog, maybe) and boy is he tired of our lack of appreciation. So a hand-off to Bill made sense. Afterward, the old man can play Santa at the house.

Which leads me to this great idea I have for a new cop show. One cop is the aloof guy – confident in his ambivalence, tired of your complaining. The other, a jovial narcissist, never missing an opportunity to insert himself in comical situations, and women.

I’d call it “O-Bill!”

“O” and Bill could tag team cases, then end each episode running hand in hand on the beach. Add the catering and the speaker’s fees – and that’s a better life than being President of a country where no one truly “gets” you.

At least in Hollywood, you can be idolized without those nagging responsibilities.

And if you disagree with me, you’re worse than Hitler.


S.E. Cupp

Jesse Joyce

Chris Rovzar

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