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The Public Isn't Homophobic, Hollywood Is


So in a recent issue of the Advocate, aging actor Richard Chamberlain told fellow gay actors to stay in the closet.

Chamberlain, famous for heart-throbby roles as docs and brooding priests, kept his gayhood secret for decades because he feared it would destroy his career. He says, ‘Despite all the wonderful advances that have been made, it’s still dangerous for an actor to talk about that in our extremely misguided culture.’

So yeah, it’s our culture’s fault. Our extremely gay culture, one that not only accepts all things gay, but lavishes upon them stupendous wealth and accolades.

Whatever, Chamberlain’s advice comes at a perfect time for people like me who need to write stuff: just days after the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

How hilarious is it that, as the military now dumps that strategy, a Hollywood icon is imploring actors to embrace it!

Anyway, I wonder why we don’t demand from Hollywood, what Hollywood demands from the military. I have absolutely no data to back this up, but I bet the percentage of gays employed in film exceeds those in foxholes.

Which is why homophobia seems worse in Tinseltown. The fact is, the troops can handle gays; Hollywood can’t.

But Chamberlain gets it wrong when he projects this homophobia solely onto the public. He defames us – when it’s Hollywood who can’t handle gays in straight roles.They fear they can’t pull off the romantic chemistry with their heterosexual counterparts. Could they be right? Or is the public smart enough to realize it’s all acting, anyway. At no time in my adolescence did I really think Harrison Ford was an archaeology professor, or a spacecraft pilot.

I just thought he was dreamy.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe.


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