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Schwarzenegger Now the Villain In His Own Movie


So now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer governor, I’d love to see him back on the big screen taking down bad guys.

In fact, I even have a script for him. The working title is “HARD VENGEANCE.” But I’m also toying with “BRUTAL JUSTICE,” “JUSTIFIED VENGEANCE,” VENGEFUL JUSTICE,” And my fave, “HARD VENGEFUL JUSTICE, INC.”

But I also like “THE LAST STRAW.”

But I think people might think it’s about hay.

Here’s the story: Arnold’s character is a hardworking joe (named Fred), whose son is in college having the time of this life. During a party at a frat house, Fred’s son gets into a fight with gang members, who stab Fred’s son to death.

The thugs are captured. To Fred’s dismay, a plea bargain is made to prevent his son’s killers from getting life – after the thugs taunt his family with accusations of guilt, and blaming their actions, mockingly, on gangsta rap.

But Fred gets on with his life.

Then, everything changes.

Yes, it turns out one of the killers had connections. His father was friends with the governor, a well-known celeb. In the final days of his term, the unthinkable happens: the governor commutes the killer’s sentence.

Fred is devastated. His family, distraught.

What does he do? Well in the spirit of all great Arnold flicks like Raw Deal, Commando and Junior, he takes matters into his own hands.

He goes after the governor. Fred fights his way up the power ladder of California, taking out bad guys and slimy bureaucrats, until he comes face to face with the villain – a puffy, former action hero with a fondness for cigars and Hummers.

In a perfectly matched battle, they slug it out, until Fred finally thrusts a gavel into the gov’s cranium.

At that point, Arnold (er, Fred) looks to the camera and says, “Case closed.”

I really think Arnold could pull this movie off!

Of course this is just a movie idea.

Does anyone have any connections?


Arthel Neville!

Robert George!

Jesse Joyce!

other stuff!

this and that!

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