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Obama's Speech Wasn't About Speech

So some on the right say that Obama’s plea for civility shows that he gave weight to the idea that incivility caused the mass murder.

It`s a fair point.

But I`m gunna take the “high road,” and not because I`m high.

I want to look at it this way: Obama was like the school teacher at recess who came along to break up a fight. In the course of explaining that it’s wrong to throw punches, he was able to scold the kid who started it.

I would like to think he did that here.

When he said that words didn`t cause the violence, that was a jab at the left and the pliable media who started these attacks against Palin and others in order to chill speech. Remember, for four days, we witnessed the equivalent of a tennis ball machine relentlessly firing caustic accusations at people, who had done nothing. And when Palin finally returned serve, she caught hell for that… from our reasonable media.

Anyway, as much as I would have liked Obama to call out the Jane Fonda’s, the Olbermann’s, the Mahers, and the creepy left-wing watchdog groups, he still made the point. And while I wish it would have been more obvious, so that even Contessa Brewer might get it, that might actually be impossible. I mean, we`re talking about Contessa Brewer.

Lastly, Obama is right: we are a great people. But sometimes our politicians refuse to admit that. The worst inclination for our leaders: to walk with a limp so that others appear to walk taller. When our Secretary of State tells folks in the Middle East “We have extremists in my country,” she did just that. But we all know it wasn’t the work of an extremist, but a sociopath.

As for the raucous crowd of students at the Memorial, I know it seemed like they came from a pre-game kegger. But forgive them. They`re students. Decorum comes later, we hope.


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