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'Media Matters' Hysterical Reponse to Breitbart GOProud Appointment Targets 'Big Hollywood'


As some of you might already know, Andrew Breitbart has joined the advisory council of GOProud, an organization determined to prove “gay conservative” is not an oxymoron. Some of you might also have heard of billionaire George Soros’ not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) Media Matters, which is an oxymoron the IRS should show a little interest in. Hilariously, Andrew has been living rent-free in Media Matters’ head for as long as I’ve known them both and their unrelenting obsession with his every move, tweet, and word could easily compete with the notebooks found in the apartment of Kevin Spacey’s serial killer in “Se7en.”

Here’s the title of their hysterical 2,300 word response to the announcement of Andrew’s new association with GOProud:

After Promoting Anti-Gay Rhetoric, Breitbart is Named to Gay Group’s Board

And what have endless hours of Senior Fellowing through two full years of Big Hollywood writings dug up?

Rep. Frank Should “Stop Phoning Every Number He Finds Scrawled On Bathroom Walls.”

Could someone please explain to to those with the Indian name Abusers of 501(c)(3), the difference between criticizing grotesquely offensive behavior unbecoming of a congressman (a brothel was run out of Frank’s house by his former boyfriend) and anti-anything?

Regardless, I congratulate Andrew on his new appointment and look forward to meeting and partying with and welcoming to our Big Tent, all the GOProuders attending this year’s CPAC.

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