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People Change, So Stop Sweating the Muslim Brotherhood

So as I write this, the whole Egypt thing seems to have cooled down a little.

We’ve been told that, temporarily, the military will take over. And then there’s the Muslim Brotherhood, who swear on their sexy camels they aren’t interested in seeking power.

I dunno.

Here’s the way I look at this, which is based on my own “granddad bank robber” theory.

The theory is this: if you read about some dude robbing a bank, you figure he should be caught, and punished.

But if the story mentions that the dude is a grandfather, reporters focus on that.

Suddenly there’s something charming about a gun-toting thug who smells like toffee and poligrip.

He probably drinks Ovaltine.

That’s where the Muslim Brotherhood comes in. It’s being considered by our own Prez as having a role in Egypt’s future, just because, it’s been part of its past, for so long.

Because – as something ages – no matter how bad it is -it gains respect.

Except for strippers, this is the norm.

Now, never mind that the Brotherhood may want to crush the US. According to documents from the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial, the MB wanted to replace our government with Sharia Law in a delightful “civilization-jihadist process.”

That’s from 1991, which is ages ago (Friends hadn’t even started!), so maybe it’s not so scary.

Who cares that they called their work in America, quote “a grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within..”

Don’t worry.

People change.

In 1991 I was wearing plaid and listening to Soundgarden. Then the hormone therapy kicked in. And look at me now.

And if you disagree with me, you sir are a racist!

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