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Time Magazine: Men Are Killing the Planet, Women Not So Much


So, in a recent Time Magazine blog, the writer reports on a study from France’s National institute of Statistics and Economics, saying men are worse for the planet than women. It seems that men emit nearly 40 kilograms of carbon daily, as opposed to women’s 32 kilograms.

And as you know, carbon is evil. Like me, but in chemical form.

So, here we are, sitting atop the nexus of lefty journalism, where the writer has managed to slap together two tasty slabs of PC red meat: feminism and environmentalism.

Yes, men are pigs, but not just to women. They’re pigs to the planet too. In an amazingly clever move, Time used a picture of Homer Simpson to illustrate the piece!

The caption: “A typical man.”

Which makes me wonder: what kind of picture would you need to illustrate a writer for Time?

My guess is, it would be the long gone Cathy, from the comic strip… Cathy.

She and her stringy-haired neuroticism will be missed. I loved her fearless take on lip gloss.

Or maybe it was her bumbling husband, Irving Hillman. Boy does he love gadgets -even if he didn’t know how to work them!

Ack indeed.

Anyway, I digress – the reason why men emit more carbon is because we eat more meat, and travel a lot. Women eat more leafy crap- and they’re less likely to fly all over the place, for work.

So is this where environmentalism takes you?

For women climbing that career ladder, and doing what men do – they must stop all that because their behavior can only harm the planet. To save the earth, they should stay home, wash dishes with non-phosphate detergent and change the baby’s recyclable diapers. Probably barefoot.

At least Time has the courage to point this out.

But I wonder if their female employees will take heed and go home.

After all, the planet is more important than their progress.

And if you disagree with me, you’re worse than Hitler.


Rick Leventhal

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Chris Kensler

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