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Presenting Jordan Crowder's 'Bend & Break': Yes, You Can Make Your Own Film


Here it is, folks. My brother’s first feature film. Contrary to popular belief, it was in fact, not a low budget film. It was a no budget film. That’s the beauty of the online content. Today, young filmmakers no longer have to acquiesce to the gate-keeping entertainment establishment. That’s good news for conservatives, and good news for America. Once upon a time, it was Hollywood that gave your picture the proverbial thumb of Caesar, telling you whether it lived or died. Think of this; If a couple of college students could shoot this film over five years ago, without so much as two nickels to rub together, imagine what you could do. There’s no excuse. Get out there, shake things up and enjoy the film!


“Bend & Break” explores young relationships and the cluelessness of men in search of direction. Set in beautiful Montréal, a group of twenty-somethings struggle through the misguided awkwardness that comes with early romance. They learn the value of personal responsibility, stick-to-itiveness and that in the end, becoming a man is pretty hard. The themes should be universal but they’ll without a doubt resonate with conservatives more than most modern leftists.

Bryce meets a French girl one day in the city. Jules runs into an old flame he has secretly been in love with for years. Blake realizes that his friend’s sister is suddenly “all grown up” and these young men are forced to come to grips with the unknown… women.

In the quirky vein of Diner and The Brothers McMullen, this ensemble-driven comedy will endear itself to anyone who has suffered and savored being a young adult.

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