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Sickening: Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Elizabeth Taylor's Funeral


It’s impossible for me to hate these people more than I already do, so let me just say that I would sure like to be there when Jesus throws Fred Phelps and his followers out of his office and into the pit of Hell.

The Wrap:

The fiercely anti-gay [Westboro Baptist Church] — which has generated controversy by protesting at funerals of service members — announced its intentions to picket Taylor’s memorial service on Wednesday.

While the group didn’t say exactly why they planned to disrupt the funeral of the actress, who passed away at 79 on Wednesday, it’s a safe bet that Taylor’s activism for AIDS patients has something to do with it. Margie Phelps, daughter of WBC leader Fred Phelps, tweeted about the planned picket on Wednesday, referring to Taylor as a “serial-adulterous f– hag.”

From what I’ve read, the very reason Liz Taylor married so often was due to her desire not to cheat. So they might not even be hating her for the right reasons. Regardless, by all accounts Taylor was one of the most beloved and universally adored stars in the history of Hollywood. She also took up the righteous cause to fight AIDS long before red ribbons became Hollywood chic — which is probably the real motive behind this protest. Like the rest of us, Taylor undoubtedly had her moments of moral weakness, but there’s never been a moment in her life where she purposefully committed an act of outright evil like, say, picketing a funeral.

Remember the Jesus capable of going off at the temple and turning over the moneychangers’ tables? That’s the Jesus I want Fred Phelps and company to meet.

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