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Male Abortions? (With Bonus 'Red Eye' Podcast)


So, here’s the greatest thing I’ve ever read.

A lady named Lori, writing over at Feministing blog, says she just attended a panel on “transfeminism,” where one speaker says we should stop thinking of abortion as a women’s issue.



Let’s hear more!

Lori writes:

The thing is, it’s not just women that have abortions. Trans men have abortions. Gender queer people have abortions. Two spirit people have abortions. People who do not fit into the box of ‘woman’ have abortions. This is the reality we live in, and the more we pretend otherwise, the more dangerous it is for other people, and the more they are excluded by the movement.

This concept, she explains, will strengthen ” our reproductive justice work.”

Yep, “reproductive justice work.”

Sometimes I think they just pull random words out of the dictionary.

Sorry, vagionary.

It goes on:

It’s in that assumption that gender lives in our crotches, that we end up erasing the reality that men can have abortions, men can get pregnant and give birth. So I’m pledging, right here and now, to stop framing the issue of abortion access as one that’s unique to women. I hope you will too!

Oh, I will!

See, gender politics is all about your own subjective identity transcending the dictates of biology. seriously, why does one have to be pregnant at all, to have an abortion?

That’s just wombist.

Anyway, the bottom line is, it’s way more fun to talk gender, than really talk about abortion.

In China, years of population engineering, including abortion of ‘surplus’ girls, has led to a creepy absence of females.

Which is really exclusionary if you ask me.

And if you disagree, you’re a racist, homophobic wombophobe.

Tonight’s guests:

Jedidiah Bila

Krystal Ball

Ryan Reese

Bill Rasmussen

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