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Of Time Travel, Human Creativity and Teachers' Unions


So, according to the New York Times, China has banned time travel from its tv show plots. They say that it lacks “positive thoughts and meaning.”

I agree, but for different reasons.

As I mentioned on Tuesday’s podcast, I spend most of my life, thinking about useless things.

Which means that I would be no help, if I were to travel back in time. For there is no way I might explain how anything from the present day actually works.

I am but a barnacle on the ships of industry.

I complain, instead of innovate. I ponder petty grievances, fantasize about heroic endeavors, imagine what I’d say if I met a cartoon.

And so, I am useless to society. but somehow we – or you – continue to solve the world’s problems.

And that’s my point: If it weren’t for the ingenuity of giants who like solving problems, I would be nowhere. Dopes like me can exploit our resources, because you, the smart guy, always finds new things to exploit.

Human creativity is so relentless, that no matter the challenges, we are always better off than before. Where ever creativity is stifled, by bureaucracy, or something called “fairness” – people suffer.

And teachers’ unions break out.

But humans who want to make money, always solve the big problems. Not by anyone like me, but I know to stay out of the way.

We should know that now.

So the crisis will be solved. But not by Obama. Not by any womyn’s studies grad. Not by me.

The reason why: keyboard jockeys like me cannot look at a problem and – with patience – find an answer.

It’s like Snooki looking at a restaurant menu, in English.

And if you disagree with me, you’re worse than Hitler.

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