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'Red Eye' Sets the David Mamet Attack Clock


So a couple of years ago, legendary playwright David Mamet wrote a scathing piece in the Village Voice, on his journey from a well-meaning lib to a contemplative conservative.

If you aren’t familiar with his work, he also wrote movies like The Untouchables, The Verdict and Glengarry Glen Ross.


His new book, “The Secret Knowledge,” elaborates on this journey, condemning the left in devastating fashion.

What happens to people who do such things?

My prediction is that Mamet, if he isn’t disowned by his industry already, will be.

The break will be ugly, but clean.

He will be dismissed as a bitter crank who probably sucked to begin with.

All those awesome plays and films once praised by critics and celebs will now be reassessed.

As crap.

Because Mamet abandoned group-think.

Overnight, he will turn from legendary to lackluster – whose attack on the left must be due to artistic suckiness.

Which is why Red Eye has started the David Mamet Attack Countdown, which monitors the days until a once glorified artist is dismissed as an untalented buffoon.

He is not, of course, but it won’t matter. He walked away from his tribe, and will suffer for it.

While our clock counts down to reputation annihilation, I beg you to buy his book.

I read it, and it reminded me of my own journey: an abandonment of phony, wrong-headed earnestness, coupled with a growing disgust for the toxic stupidity that is political correctness.

That he chooses America over his craft – requires that he now be trashed by those around him.

Which says more about them, than him.

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