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The Adventures of Globalman


For those who wish, please watch this quick clip then read the article:

[youtube 74_Vhqwz-lo nolink]


Superman was created by the sons of Jewish immigrants – Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and they had a love for America.

When I was growing up as a kid on Long Island, we couldn’t wait to see

the next episode of Superman on TV or get the latest comic. I wanted a Superman costume for Halloween. I proudly wore my red cape and believed I was fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. So did most of my friends. Years later, my two sons – years apart – alsowanted to be the Man of Steel for Halloween.

This may no longer appeal to the bright eyed youth of America. Never will Superman be part of the lexicon for American pop culture. DC Comics, for whatever reason, turned its back on America. Will Superman now fight for Sharia Law to be adopted into England, France, and Germany? This act shows more than anything else the depth that a socialistic based education system has indoctrinated minds and created a cultural battleground for the soul of America.

Who came up with this idea? I would love to know the background of who made this decision? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting that took place at DC Comics when they agreed to make Superman denounce America. Was it economics? “Let’s make the Man of Steel reject America and we can sell more comics in Turkey, China, North Korea, Iran, Ireland, England, Germany.” What made them do it? Is it because a directive has been given from unseen forces to advance a global agenda? Why not just create a whole new character? Globalman. The Adventures of Globalman. Imagine an iconic comic figure from another country denouncing their adopted country? Who owns DC comics? Who are the major stockholders?

The arrogant cleverness behind this decision is one of the biggest cultural attacks on America. This seemingly minor act is MONUMENTAL. America is an ideal – “that shining city on a hill, the last best hope of mankind.” There is nothing wrong with America. Sometimes the men we put in office let her down, but inevitably she corrects herself, because of all of US. And it is this ideal that Superman has protected, even from the United Nations.

Did Jor-El send his son to Pakistan or Cuba? No, AMERICA. Like the early pilgrims in search of FREEDOM, a small spacecraft sent Kal-El to America, land of the free and home of the brave. For over seventy years, Clark Kent/Superman has been a proud American. Superman didn’t denounce America; He has been kidnapped, hijacked, and it’s time to send the Navy SEALS in to get him back. Or better yet, let’s denounce Superman. The new Men of Steel are Navy SEALS and the all those who serve and protect the American Way. I’m sure some will say, “What’s the big deal?” or “You’re overreacting.” Well, in the 900th comic of Superman, he was killed – not by Kyptonite, but by pen and ink.

[youtube u9Z-nN1YB5A nolink]


In closing, take a moment to watch the above Youtube clip. If you don’t have much time, skip ahead and start watching at around 6:30 in. Forward the link to friends. Download the clip to your phone and play it for people. Now more than ever, these words are very significant.

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