BigDawg Spotlight On: Conservative Hip Hop/Rap Artist Hi Caliber – No 'Common' Rapper Here

Correction: The quote referring to Common’s music as “very positive” was mistakenly attributed to Media Matters in the originally published version of this piece. We regret the error.


Have you heard about “Poetry Night” at the White House? I find it appalling and very inappropriate (yet not at all that surprising) that the Obamas have invited “Common”, a rapper who grew up in the pews of America-hating “Reverend” Wright’s church, who he describes as an “intelligent, strong individual…a great man…a conduit of love.” He denigrates women with his misogynistic lyrics, promotes killing cops, and burning (President) Bush. Isn’t that special? His lyrics have been praised by a Fox News reporter as being “very positive.” Are you kidding me?

Hi Caliber

This is just another tactic this administration is using to convince young Americans that Barrack Obama is just that “cool” and that these are the kinds of artists your kids should be listening to.


In the New York Times Bestseller Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation, author Jason Mattera describes how liberals successfully launched their highly successful technology-based campaign to take advantage of and brain-wash his generation into becoming “zombies” for Team Obama. They used every facet of new media to reach our youth through their computers, iPods, and cell phones via new media venues and services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and text messaging and “rocked the vote” in favor of “That One.”

Thankfully, we conservative keyboard warriors are fighting back with those very same tactics to reach our young voters using every weapon in our arsenal (e.g., conservative websites, blogs, video rants, music, books, artwork, and the list goes on). In less than two years (since the 2008 elections), through the effective use of new media, the TEA Party movement managed to rise up and put a major hurtin’ on the Democrats in the House and Senate in the mid-term elections. It was interesting to note that younger voters seemed less than enthusiastic about voting in 2010. Perhaps voter’s remorse is setting in?


Make no mistake, we have our work cut out for us and it is up to us to reverse the damage done by the left to our kids. We need to keep hammering away at them with the truth, we need to speak their language, and present the conservative message in ways they are more apt to take notice. One way is through the music they listen to.

Allow me to introduce Hi Caliber.

Hi-Caliber, one of our fine culture warriors at BigDawg Music Mafia, is a conservative hip-hop artist, a proud TEA Party member, and political talk radio guru. His mission is to battle the left-wing media with a tool rarely used by his fellow right-wingers. That tool is hip-hop. Hi Cal states:

The goal is to show our youth that being patriotic is “cool” and that not all conservatives are rich, racist, hatemongers as some would have them believe.

After a political and spiritual awakening in 2001, Hi Cal discovered conservative talk radio and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. It was shortly after that he decided to combine his life-long passion for hip hop with his new-found passion for politics. His first “buzz” came during the 2008 election when he recorded a song called Use Your Brain which gained multiple spins on the Imus in the Morning show.

Hi-Cal had heard a lot about the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2009 and decided he needed to be there. With absolutely zero contacts or connections, a backpack loaded with copies of his first CD Mr. Conservative, and $30 to his name, he showed up in an old beat-up Buick carrying a sign that said “Support Conservative Music”. He was approached by liberal blogger, Max Blumenthal, who was looking to depict him as a nut job. Hi Cal “spit” a couple rhymes on camera which later showed up on the Daily Beast and

In a sweet twist of fate, what was originally intended by the liberal media to discredit Hi Cal, instead garnered him National attention that led him to conservative talk show host and Fox News political analyst, Monica Crowley. Ms. Crowley saw Hi Cal’s video and invited him to come on her show for an interview and to try out a new concept. She wanted Hi Cal to do a weekly news “rap-up”, which he was more than happy to do. “And the rest”, he says, “is history”. He now does weekly “raps” for both The Monica Crowley Show and the Jason Mattera Show on WABC 770 in New York. Hi Caliber feels very blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference with his gifts. He states:

I didn’t sit down one day and go, ‘I’m going to be a conservative rapper. It just kind of happened. I had been corresponding on MySpace with a bunch of soldiers in Afghanistan. I made a song for them and shouted out the name of their crew. It was cool to think the troops were riding around listening to my music while they’re fighting for our country.

Hip-hop is what I know…I figured, rather than relying on Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity to get the message out there, I could rap to reach younger people because it’s coming in a format they understand. They don’t understand Bill O’Reilly using words like ‘pithy,’ and some of his other little catchwords.

Hi-Caliber has also been interviewed and had his music aired by conservative talk show heavy hitters like Michael Savage (his #1 mentor), Andrew Wilkow, Steve Malzberg, and Dom Giordano. His connection to Monica Crowley led to the performance of his life — the first 9/12 Taxpayer March on DC. He was blown away by the massive sea of patriots that stretched from the steps of the Capitol where he performed all the way to the Washington Monument. Shortly after that, FreedomWorks offered to sponsor a video shoot for his song Patriotic People.

[youtube BY5z6DUfkKA Hi Caliber’s “Patriotic People”]


Hi Cal has also performed at various local tea parties in the NJ, NY, PA area as well as the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party in DC, the Uni-Tea event in Philadelphia, the Jackson Purchase Tea Party in Paducah, Kentucky with Rand Paul, the Taking Back America Rally (Six Flags, NJ) where he followed Glenn Beck on stage, BigDawg Music Mafia’s Liberty Fest at CPAC 2011, and most recently, the First Coast Tea Party (Jacksonville FL) which was the third event he had performed for with TEA Party favorites Andrew Breitbart and Victoria Jackson.

Hi Cal recently joined forces with fellow conservative hip hop artists Sacrifice and g-Nut A.K.A. Sleepyhead to form the group Enemy of the State. Their music, can be purchased for download at iTunes and

[youtube 2YRG3NCtrcY Hi Caliber’s latest number, “Freedom”]


Got teens who enjoy hip hop? How do you feel about them listening to the kind of trash spewed by rappers like “Common”? Why not introduce them to hip hop with a liberty twist? They just might have an epiphany like Hi Cal did the day he first heard Michael Savage ranting on his car radio — the first time he had ever really heard the truth about what is happening to our country.

It is an honor to know and be able to spotlight artists like Hi Cal who refuse to sit idly by while our country is being “transformed” by the “Corruptocrats” in DC. His long term goal is to land his own talk radio gig where he can promote his raw, uncut brand of conservatism. I believe he has the talent and the passion to make it happen and I salute him for bringing the truth to our youth! I hope you will friend him on FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube and get to know this fine patriot.


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