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Shame on America For Celebrating Death of Bin Laden

So As predicted, the euphoria over the killing of Usama bin laden, would soon be followed by its opposite, from thoughtful idiots around the globe.

Yes, expressing joy is unpolished and inelegant – for we live in a time where an acknowledgment of evil seems outdated – while the fascination with it, isn’t.

According to the muddled moral midgets in the media, America acted like one monstrous, murderous frat boy, drunk with glee.

And, of course, the intelligentsia, home and abroad, agrees. You can vaintly hear Gore Vidal wince at our cheers.

But that could be his new thong (it chafes).

So while celebrating bin Laden’s death is seen as crass, it’s still okay that Johnny Depp collects art by John Wayne Gacey, or that Marilyn Manson once recorded a song by Charles Manson.

It’s “edgy” to play with evil, but never to judge it.

Also weird? We live in a culture where it’s acceptable to lavish praise or express ridiculous emotion over smarmy pop icons, argue endlessly over which Radiohead CD is best, or what sports figure – who doesn’t even know you – should be in the Hall of Fame.

There are riots after NBA championships, and parades for World Series victors. And of course, there are people who just can’t shut up about their nephew hitting a home run against Napa High.

(Well done Garrett. Your uncle used to swing like that.)

Anyway, thousands of teenage girls scream over Justin Bieber. And thousands of gay men scream for Lady Gaga.

But get emotional over the death of a maniac? That’s unseemly.

Fact is, the media loves emotion when it’s over something pointless.

But if it’s over something meaningful- they condemn it.

The reason?

They hate you.


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