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'American Taliban': Dad Pleads for 'Idealistic' Son to Be Released

So the father of John Walker Lindh, the “American Taliban,” had a column in the New York Times, making the case for freeing his son from prison.

Now that bin Laden is dead, he says, why should his son be behind bars?

After all, he’s done enough time.

Plus – he’s spiritual!

But let’s assess this plea, thoughtfully. I mean – most dads would do the same thing.

However, most sons aren’t traitors, so tough poop.

Now, not only does pop say “John was a scapegoat,” he romanticizes his crimes. He says of his “idealistic” son…

“Like Ernest Hemingway during the Spanish Civil War, John had volunteered for the army of a foreign government battling an insurgency.”

That distant sound you hear?

A river of retching, across the U.S. By humans, and pets.

It makes me wonder – what was in the original draft?

“Like Jesus Christ, John sacrificed his comfortable life for a dangerous journey in the desert!”

“Like Ghandi, he rarely wore pants.”

Worse, to court lefty support, pop also blames George Bush and America, saying

He was subjected to physical and psychological abuse – a precursor to the mistreatment of many prisoners… by the American military during the George W. Bush era.

Sorry Frank – that military you blamed helped bring down bin Laden. Which, oddly, you now see as a reason to free Johnny.

Do you think the Seals would have been okay with that deal, beforehand?

“So, if we kill bin Laden, we’re letting this creep go?”


Finally, it’s got to be great to have a powerful lawyer for a dad, who not only supports you when turn Taliban, but gets the Times involved when caught.

I don’t have that luck.

My dad was an accountant.

Lucky for him, I wasn’t “idealistic.”


Sherrod Small

Mike Baker

Patti Anne Browne

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