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Watch Matt Damon Say 'Intrinsically Paternalistic'



Someone needs to take away Matt Damon’s “word of the day” handbook before he hurts himself.

And what is this nonsense about teachers getting a “shitty salary.” GOOD teachers should be (and are) paid very well, especially when you factor in their lucrative benefits and the fact that they receive summers off. This has been documented time and again. The problem is that bad teachers are paid just as well and the damage they do to our schools and children is impossible to overstate.

My family is packed with teachers, and very good ones. What they do is important and to say that they’ve made a difference in the lives of their students doesn’t begin to cover it. But this “preciousness” attached to teaching is nothing more than a political ploy. The Left is using the teaching profession as a way to strengthen corrupt pubic unions and increase the government payroll — two ways to capture political power and create more Democrats.

My father has worked with his hands his entire life. He’s kept aircraft in good flying condition for the Air Force, fixed your cars, remodelled your homes, and kept many a nursing home from falling apart. He’s lived a life covered in fibreglass insulation, drywall dust and raw sewage. In other words, without a union or movie stars flacking for him or the media oohing and ahhing over his precious profession, he’s kept this world turning and done so without complaint or summers off.

What he does is no less important than what a teacher does, but he’s always been paid a helluva lot less — which is why the Left’s attaching of all this special nobility to a single profession is especially galling.

Matt Damon is nothing more than a political animal and propaganda-spewing machine. He has more money than God and therefore the power to fix many of the wrongs he sees in the world. Instead, he chooses to infringe on our freedoms and liberties by demanding we do so — whether we agree with him or not.

Liberal fascism on parade.

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