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Benefit Cuts Cause Riots


So Freakanomics tweeted about a research paper linking budget cuts to social unrest in Europe.

It claimed, “Once you cut expenditure by more than 2% of GDP, instability increases rapidly … especially in terms of riots and demonstrations.”

The conclusion: governments fear austerity programs for this reaon.

Meaning, riots. Bloodshed. looting. And so on.

Which is a sad and scary point: what protects bloated government and entitlement is a visceral fear that if you take candy from a baby, that baby will hang you in the square.

I suppose that’s one reason to avoid cutting programs, if you’re a coward.

Bottom line: you cannot be held hostage by fear of unrest. You must always do the right thing, no matter the risk. For in a free country, the expectation should be for civility at all costs.

What guarantees that civility? Punishment? Fear of death?


I lived in London for three years, and the cops were great. But without guns, they seemed helpless against thuggery, and more inclined to give directions to drunks like me. It’s not their fault.

But couple that with idiots equating looters to victims, and it’s no wonder riots are manufactured purely for lurid fun.

Looking at England, it seems we’ve hit the edge of civilization – where left unprotected, a city will burn, because there is no will to prevent it.

Letting it happen, seems to be all we have left.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe.


Jim Norton

Matt McCall

Mahsa Saeidi aquis

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