Part Five: Bringing America Home Again – The Connoisseur

Norman Rockwell’s clearly privileged and very New York “Connoisseur” is staring at what I would call A Portrait of the Progressive New World Order.

Few citizens anywhere would have a living room large enough to hang this very bloody-looking billboard in. Secondly, few of us are “Connoisseurs.” Thirdly, is it really worth “The Connoisseur’s” time to try and understand this painting? A true art connoisseur instantly said the object of discernment is Rockwell’s impressive version of a Jackson Pollock. “No. 00,” perhaps.

I, for now, can only come up with “A Satellite Photo of Some Third Millennium, Urban Nightmare,” or, “The Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America.”

This painting within a painting, given the Progressive Obsessions of art critics, might eventually be worth more at a Sotheby Auction than the painting itself. “The painting within the painting?! Wrap it up and throw the rest in the wastebasket! I’m a rich man who hates Norman Rockwell but loves Jackson Pollock!!” In other words, such a destructive buyer would be some mega-rich Progressive. He’s possibly George Soros or the now exponentially enriched Jeffrey Immelt.

With both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain being, for me at any rate, the political equivalent of Norman Rockwell, I believe this visual version of the Progressive New World Order, hanging so impressively on the museum wall, looks out, beyond The Connoisseur, at the conservative writers and readers of Big Hollywood, and reminds us of how prophetic Norman Rockwell can be.

The painting within the painting could be called “Post OWS” or “The Progressives’ Zuccotti Park” or “A Bird’s Eye View of the Obama Nation.” Suggestions for other titles in the comment section would be most welcome. “The Connoisseur” is an unsurpassable description of the entire painting.

If, as I believe, this revealing glimpse of Norman Rockwell’s prophetic insight doesn’t hold you spellbound as it has myself, then you are not a Norman Rockwell fan.

While composing this editorial I mistakenly typed Norman Mailer instead of Norman Rockwell! Now there is more than a Freudian slip of my computer fingers. Mailer vs. Rockwell?!

If, indeed, The Connoisseur is staring at an aerial portrait of The Progressive New World Order, Post OWS, Zuccotti Park or The Obama Nation Itself, we have Norman Mailer looking at this bloody mess from a hotel window in Chicago during the 1968 Democrat Convention.

I spent a very unpleasant evening at a dinner table with Norman Mailer. The author was convinced that I should play the role of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in whatever project that he was dreaming of. I was still a blind Liberal then, so I threw my napkin at Norman Mailer with surprising accuracy.

He held the napkin up and then said, rather poetically, “That hurt.”

I said, before my next drink of wine, “I intended it to.”

I, now utterly sober for eight years, would avoid any further contact with Norman Mailer, living or otherwise; and I still wouldn’t want to get even near a script with Giuliani in it, let alone play the role.

I lived under Mayor Giuliani as a New Yorker. He’s one of the reasons I left that once-greatest-city-in-the-world. His lawyer’s defense of legalized abortion and “strict construction” is only the beginning of why I don’t trust anything about him.

What has all this to do with Norman Rockwell, The Connoisseur and Bringing America Home?

If anyone contributed to Carrying America Off To A New World Order, it would be Norman Mailer et al. The et al includes Henry Kissinger and reminds me that the only reservation I have about a President Herman Cain is that his reading on American foreign policy includes a respectful nod to Richard Nixon’s Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger.

Ergo my title for America’s general enemy, those who helped to drag the United States away from both its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution: “The Bipartisan Progressives of The New World Order.”

Herman Cain’s utter lack of membership in the Washington Beltway Fraternity is one of his greatest assets and recommendations.

Herman Cain’s governing principles are meat and potatoes Norman Rockwell and, undoubtedly, offer the only way to renew America and insure us that Mr. Cain himself is the most reliable, Presidential candidate to Bring America Home Again.

Since Mr. Cain is now becoming the main target for both Democrats and dueling Republicans, I look forward to cheering him on during this year-long home stretch for Republican candidates. They have already become, in some instances, too familiar to offer anything new to the America audience.

The test now for Herman Cain the frontrunner is how much grace under pressure he can sustain in the grueling year ahead. So far he is proving to be the most regal candidate of them all and unquestionably the most presidential.

I suspect that his entire Presidential campaigning, particularly in a polarized America, will prove vastly more challenging to Herman Cain than the Presidency itself. His clarity of purpose will balance out any dilemmas he might face as occupant of the Oval Office.

The fact that, as President, he no longer just wants to “make a difference” but actually is achieving that goal will be more than enough satisfaction to keep him in, yes, joyously fighting shape. It has been his Destiny all along to become President of the United States and bring America back from the brink of Marxist suicide.

I find Herman Cain an even more comforting voice than that of Ronald Reagan. It has the wisdom of true suffering in it, yet without self-pity. He will lead not only by example but by the very rich sound of his voice.

You now have more than the perfect American President for this Third Millennium. You have the United States reunited and coming home to heal.

After what has happened to America since John F. Kennedy’s assassination, that would be a miracle.


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