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Box Office Predictions: 'Tower' Robs 'Boots,' 'Harold and Kumar' Get Coal


Sensei did very well on predictions last week, easily beating the other prediction sites again. Sensei also revealed a new film essay (involving Batman and Tom Cruise, no less). This week, we have another battle for the top spot. Ben Stiller teams with Eddie Murphy in “Tower Heist” in hopes of slowing down “Puss In Boots.” Also opening is the latest “Harold and Kumar,” which just hopes to save face.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. Tower Heist ($28 million) – No film has its future connected to positive word of mouth more than this one. Film will need to receive high ratings from weekend audiences, otherwise, “Puss In Boots” will win. Currently critical reviews are favorable but overall buzz on “Tower” feels right around where “Tropic Thunder” opened.

[youtube Z4KXF7NWFRE nolink]

2. Puss In Boots ($25 million) – The film will benefit greatly from family audiences who didn’t see it Halloween weekend. Those audiences are now free of holiday obligations and will bring very healthy numbers to “Boots.” Look for a small drop and even another weekend win if “Tower Heist” falters.

[youtube 55gmAtakjJ4 nolink]

3. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas ($14.4 million) – The franchise’s audience was not very impressed with the second installment in theHarold and Kumar” franchise back in 2008. As negative word of mouth spread, the film dropped quickly off its opening to finish way below studio expectations. Christmas’s biggest challenge will be in bringing that interest back. Look for sub-par results, one that could devolve into a “Your Highness”-like opening very quickly.

[youtube R95TeZ9jE0Y nolink]

4. In Time ($7.8 million) – The Timberlake star vehicle did not pick up much positive buzz from its disappointing opening last weekend. It may pick up some action audiences due to lack of alternative choices. Will likely finish close to where “Source Code” ended up after its second weekend.

[youtube fdadZ_KrZVw nolink]

5. Paranormal Activity 3 (7.4 million) – The popular horror franchise sequel will put itself in striking range of a $100 million domestic mark. It is also already grossing more than “Paranormal Activity 2” did at this point during its release. For the film’s audience and studio brass, it seems a sequel couldn’t come fast enough.

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Agree? Or what do you feel we missed?

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