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Miley Cyrus Recontextualizes Glam Club-Rock Grrrrl Power Anthem for Occupy Wall Street


Before you click the “Play” button on this video, make sure your pants are literally sewn into the flesh of your pelvis. The euphoria you will experience just might make them spontaneously fly off your body if you fail to take that precaution.

That’s right, former Disney pop sensation Miley Cyrus (performing under the moniker “Miley Cyrus Rock Mafia”) has done what Grammy nominee Joseph Arthur and the stars of Rage Against the Machine couldn’t do–voice the passion of the 99% with such perfect glitzy angst, the rest of the world will have no choice but to finally pay attention. Here it is, the inevitable protest song classic “Liberty Walk”:

[youtube Ovs0fpFgeqw nolink]

“This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in,” the solemn opening title proclaims. Then, as Miley belts out inspirational revolutionary lyrics such as “Here’s to all the boys tryin’ to hold you back / Tryin’ to make you feel like you’re less than that” or “Don’t listen to all the people who hate,” we’re treated to a stirring montage of Occupy protests from around the world, including clashes with police and footage of a thrown explosive device or two. Despite the inescapable visceral joy of the music, it’s almost depressing how effective a rallying cry this 176-second epic will be for the enemies of capitalism and liberty.

And would you believe the timing of this? “Liberty Walk” was originally released on June 21st in Miley’s latest album, “Can’t Be Tamed,” yet the U.S. Day of Rage didn’t occur til September 5th. Given the time it took to write, record, then design the album, this could mean that Miley predicted the Occupy movement up to a year before its inception! For those of us on the right, this raises an obvious question: what’s the connection between Hollywood Records and George Soros?

It’s all too clear that the deep pockets of the left are behind this; it doesn’t make any sense that Miley would take a generic empowerment song and just pair it with controversial footage of a headline-grabbing cause célèbre, right? She wouldn’t dare lower herself to the level of opportunists like Michael Moore or Jay-Z and grasp for Importance isn’t of mere artistic excellence–no, never!

Why, Miley? You used to be such a good Christian girl. Why didn’t you use your powers for good; where was the “Liberty Walk” for the Tea Party? That grassroots movement, assailed by critics left and right, could have used an endorsement from a celebrity with your level of class and grace. I guess we’ll just have to accept your commitment to Occupy Wall Street; I hope you two make each other very happy. Just don’t go into any of the coed tents.

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