Obama's Celebrity Wish List: President Courts Country Acts to Gin Up Re-Election Campaign

During 2000-2008, Middle America had its fill of Julia Roberts threatening to leave the country if Bush were re-elected, and of Susan Sarandon opposing the war, and of George Clooney, Alec Baldwin and all the other critics of the red-state lifestyle. And who can forget that band, the Dixie Chicks–I think that was their name–the professional life of which was torpedoed when lead singer Natalie Maines criticized our president while overseas during a time a war.

Yet despite the backlash Baldwin, Clooney, Maines and the rest of them faced for their political pomposity, about 194 celebrities (or groups of celebrities) are being sought out to help Obama get re-elected in 2012.

[youtube 1yq0tMYPDJQ nolink]

From Jessica Alba to Will.i.am, from Kate Walsh to The Band Perry, and from Eva Longoria to Sarah Jessica Parker, these and others are being pursued to put their names on the dotted line for Obama. And while some of the names come as no surprise–Parker has been a longtime proponent of liberalism–a country music group like The Band Perry could be running quite a risk when one considers that their audience is full of pro-military, pro-four wheel drive, pro-2nd Amendment folks (while Obama is anti-military, anti-large vehicle, and strongly anti-2nd Amendment). We could see Dixie Chicks 2.o.

Other names on the list of potential Obama celebrity supporters include singers Train, Gwen Stefani, James Taylor (of “Fire and Rain” fame), Jack Johnson and Bruce Hornsby. The bands Wilco and Counting Crows are expected to be right there for Obama as well. It is hoped all these and more will proudly be lining up with Gloria Steinem, Oprah Winfrey, and Tom Hanks to make sure the pro-Obama votes of the Left Coast and of the upper northeast outnumber the votes that will be cast by the red states in 2012.

Oh, I almost forgot, the country music super-group Lady Antebellum is also listed as a possible “surrogate” for Obama in the upcoming election too (although, to be fair, they’ve yet to state where their political loyalties will lie come Nov.). Bottom line: It looks like the only country music stars we can be certain won’t sign on with Obama at this point are Hank Jr., Ronnie Dunn and Aaron Lewis. And I say God bless Bocephus, Dunn, and Lewis for that.