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Washington Post: Big Hollywood 'Raised Legitimate Questions' About 'Game Change'

Washington Post: Big Hollywood 'Raised Legitimate Questions' About 'Game Change'


Washington Post:

The conservative Web site Big Hollywood, one of an array of successful sites launched by the recently deceased Andrew Breitbart, has vociferously attacked “Game Change” for its blunt narrative — that is, choosing Palin was a colossal strategic mistake that cost McCain the election. In its typically aggressive manner, Big Hollywood has raised legitimate questions about why HBO had to make this film, now, this way. …

Without getting into another exegesis of the content and reporting methods of Heilemann and Halperin’s book (an activity that kept Washington’s media critics and insiders atwitter for some time in early 2010), the movie version of “Game Change” reflects only a fraction of what’s there.

Other meaty stories in the book are just-as-good screenplay fodder, and they’re about Democrats: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s frustrated backstage efforts to recalibrate her campaign to blunt Barack Obama’s momentum, for example. And there’s a devastating look at how John Edwards and the late Elizabeth Edwards functioned behind the image they projected. If thorough balance were really the name of the game here, then HBO could have made “Game Change” into a miniseries, of which Palin’s travails would have been but one night’s episode.

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