What Should Conservatives Do About ABC's Anti-Christian 'GCB?'

What Should Conservatives Do About ABC's Anti-Christian 'GCB?'

None of us will likely live to see a television show dubbed “Good Muslim Bitches” or “Good Jewish Bitches,” for that matter.

That ABC would foist a show like “GCB,” based on the Kim Gatlin book “Good Christian Bitches,” upon us is merely another sign of the entertainment industry’s willingness to mock Christians. That’s hardly news. Many films either directly or indirectly do just that. Even projects without faith-based plots occasionally drop a dime on a Christian out of the blue.

Big Hollywood doesn’t support creative-based boycotts. We want more expression, not less. And the early ratings for “GCB” suggest it’s not going anywhere soon. The show’s youthful demographic base increased Sunday from its premiere the previous week.

So what’s next?

  • Stand Up and Shout: Have a beef with “GCB” and its treatment of Christians? Let your local newspaper hear about it. Post a commentary on your Facebook page, a civil reminder why the show and the entertainment industry’s double standard offends you. It might not stop someone from watching the show, but it will give them something to think about the next time. And it will let people know you’ve fully aware of how the entertainment game operates.
  • Support the Alternatives: Fed up with TV shows and films mocking your faith? Throw your money at movies like “Courageous” and “Soul Surfer” instead. Yes, the array of entertainment product which treats Christians with respect is limited, but it will only grow with serious, consistent nurturing from the faith-based community. It helps that the faith-friendly film market is getting better, offering meatier stories, bigger budgets and more nuanced narratives.
  • Support the Alternatives, Part II: Many young filmmakers are struggling to raise funds for their projects, and that’s equally true for spiritually-driven directors and screenwriters. So why not lend them a hand? Visit Kickstarter.com, a site where people can help fund fledgling film projects, to see if any upcoming movies treat faith with dignity, not disdain. “Like” the Facebook pages of filmmakers whose work you admire. Use your Twitter accounts to spread positive reviews or news about spiritually strong projects. You can make a difference.

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