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Actor Morales Asks Obama, 'Where's the Change That Was Promised?'

Actor Morales Asks Obama, 'Where's the Change That Was Promised?'


Actor Esai Morales calls “hispandering” any attempt to artificially woo the Hispanic community.

Naturally, the co-star of “La Bamba” and the upcoming “Atlas Shrugged” sequel used the term to disparage Mitt Romney simply for mentioning he had family members born in Mexico.

Morales, appearing on “Face the Nation,” offered up an unusually candid assessment regarding President Barack Obama’s efforts on immigration – or lack thereof:

“I was looking forward to a lot more immigration reform from our current president. I supported him.”  On what advice he’d give President Obama, Morales said, “Remember what you promised us. I would just say, be true to yourself because every time you don’t, you give the opposition a lot of ammunition to say, you know, where’s that change that was promised?”

Morales appears to still be on board the Hope and Change express, but his candor regarding Obama’s lack of achievement on a key promise is refreshing.

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