Kasdan on 'Star Wars' Tinkering: Most Fans 'Don't Give a Damn About Any of It'

Kasdan on 'Star Wars' Tinkering: Most Fans 'Don't Give a Damn About Any of It'

It’s Star Wars Day, and to celebrate Big Hollywood wanted to share some thoughts on the franchise from “Empire Strikes Back” screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas has taken plenty of heat for tinkering with the film series over the years. A digital nip there, an audio tuck there, and every time the “Star Wars” purists rise up in anger.

They even made a movie about it.

But Kasdan defends his former colleague. 

“What would be the point of creating a universe if you couldn’t control everything that happened in it,” Kasdan told Big Hollywood recently while promoting his latest film, “Darling Companion.” “I understand the purists … but I think George has reserved the right do whatever he sees fit. Not everyone has got to be pleased.”

Kasdan says the initial three “Star Wars” films, now considered the Holy Trinity for science fiction fans, drew plenty of flak at the time of their initial release.

“Now, they’ve taken on the aura of a classic,” he says.

What we hear every time Lucas whips out his cinematic tool box represents a minority of “Star Wars” fans. Most people who appreciated the films “don’t give a damn about any of this,” he says.

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