Stern on Obama's Gay Marriage Statement: Where's the Legislation?

Stern on Obama's Gay Marriage Statement: Where's the Legislation?

Shock jock Howard Stern owes a great deal to lesbians. And Stern is once more fighting on their behalf.

Stern, out on the promotional circuit to let people know he’s the new judge on “America’s Got Talent,” weighed in on President Barack Obama’s tepid approval of gay marriage.In short, Stern says the president didn’t go far enough.

“I wish the president actually had gone further. I wish he had said he was going to back some legislation on the national level,” Stern said.

Obama said he believed same-sex couples should be allowed to marry during an interview Wednesday. Stern said it seemed like a calculated political decision for Obama to wait until three-and-a-half years into his presidency to express support for gay marriage, adding: “But okay, this is a good first step. It’s a baby step.”

Stern has incorporated gay material into his act for decades, from Lesbian Dial a Date to making openly gay actor George Takei his show’s guest sidekick. But the New York-based talk show host has been uniformly in favor of gay rights all the while despite his often bawdy material involving gay-themed subjects.

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