Lovitz Not Backing Off Obama Criticism

Lovitz Not Backing Off Obama Criticism

I regret not giving Lovitz more credit when we first broke the story of his epic rant against Obama’s “fair share” lies. I was sure the left-wing media (but I repeat myself) would pound the comedian/actor until he at least apologized for some of the language he directed at President Obama. Instead, Lovitz has not only held his ground but has done so quite eloquently. He’s educated on the issue and doubling, tripling and quadrupling down.  

This is my favorite quote of his from the interview after Megyn Kelly asks about any backlash he might be facing. Lovitz says that for trying to tell the truth about the simple fact that he already pays his fair share, he’s hearing from people on Twitter:

“You’re a racist, you’re a Nazi — I’m Jewish but a Nazi now.”

Those of us who have, as adults, made the migration from left to right, learn two things very quickly.

1. The MSM goes from reasonable to mind-blowingly corrupt and biased.

2. Conservatives are much nicer and more tolerant of you as a liberal than liberals are of you as a conservative.

I’m not implying Lovitz is now a conservative (he has said many times he’s a liberal), but the rule still applies.

As a quick side note, over at Hot Air, Allahpundit keeps asking the same question every time Lovitz does one of these interviews:

Even now, after watching three or four interviews with him on this subject, I’m not clear on whether his big problem with O is wanting to raise taxes on the rich or simply the rhetoric used to justify raising taxes on the rich.

Seems pretty clear to me that Lovitz’s point is neither, but that he’s calling Obama out for lying about the rich not paying their fair share. Lovitz pays more than his fair share, the President says he doesn’t, and the President is lying under the cover of the 15% capital gains tax rate, which has nothing to do with income but rather is a tax on investments made with income that’s already been taxed.

Moreover, Lovitz also makes clear he has no intention of discussing policy or how he’ll vote or how anyone should vote.

That’s his point, and it’s a damn good one.

I’m glad to hear Lovitz is getting more job offers after all the publicity surrounding this. Maybe we can look forward to him guest-hosting “Saturday Night Live” and making an appearance with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Maybe he’ll do Letterman, Fallon, Kimmel and the rest. After all, he’s hot now and Speaking! Truth! To! Power! and we all know how much America’s satirists respect that, right?


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