THR: Child Rapist Polanski 'Widely Considered To Have Paid His Debt'

THR: Child Rapist Polanski 'Widely Considered To Have Paid His Debt'

A new documentary about director and child rapist Roman Polanski is coming out, which can only mean we’ll see a slew of child rapist apologists in its wake. True to form, here’s The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney:

In more skilful hands, this might have been an eloquent testament to an artist widely considered to have paid his debt during 35 years of physical exile and personal vilification.

Just for starters, when you drug, rape, and sodomize a 13 year-old girl, you’re supposed to live a life of physical exile and personal vilification. But that should only be the side order of your life AFTER you have paid whatever price the justice system has delivered.

Polanski fled justice and his life of “personal exile” has been a luxurious European one and the “personal vilification” has included a 35 year career of making films, winning Oscars, and being celebrated by every child-raping apologist known to mankind.

The other thing Rooney’s doing here is matter-of-factly telling his readers that Polanski is “widely considered to have paid his debt” as though he knows that for a fact. This is a rhetorical trick frequently used by the left to express opinion as fact so people just assume it’s true.

Rooney, and anyone else interested in what the “widely considered” opinion is of a man who fled justice after drugging, raping, and sodomizing a 13-year-old girl, needs get off the elite coasts and into the rest of America. Because it is only among our oh-so sophisticated elitist overlords that a child rapist who fled justice and subsequently enjoyed a life of luxury and celebration is considered to have paid anything close to his debt.

Very little of what I see from Hollywoodists and the elite media phases me anymore. But it still boggles my mind that these people cannot summon outrage against a fugitive child rapist.

There’s just no soul there.


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