Adam Carolla: Forbes List Proves Equal Opportunity in America

Adam Carolla: Forbes List Proves Equal Opportunity in America

It doesn’t take much to set Adam Carolla off on a rant.Airplane flight attendants. Fancy iced tea. Occupy Wall Street. They all set his mental motors racing.

But one of his hottest buttons remains people who constantly denigrate the U.S. as a racist, sexist country.

Just look at the latest Forbes celebrity power list, Carolla argues in a recent installment of his popular podcast.

“Let me hear the top 10 or 15 and then let’s all just close our eyes and picture what a horrible sexist, racist society we live in,” Carolla asked sidekick Alison Rosen. “So who’s first?”

“J.Lo,” Rosen responded.

“Wait a second!” Carolla exclaimed incredulously. “She’s a woman and she’s of Hispanic descent! How did we let this happen? Well, this will never happen again. [The rest] are going to be red-headed, middle-aged guys. Is Rush Limbaugh number 2?”

“Oprah,” Rosen answered.

“What? We are such a sexist, racist society! Carolla yelled….

“Boy, we’ve got to do a better job with holding the ladies and the ethnics down, fellas. We’re not doing a great job,” Carolla said sarcastically.

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