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Dishonest Dave: Letterman Claims Non-Partisan Humorist

Dishonest Dave: Letterman Claims Non-Partisan Humorist


David Letterman isn’t a partisan comic by choice. He simply follows the political material.

Yes, and when Letterman affixed himself to a wall via a velcro suit he was engaging in an intellectual exercise meant to deconstruct modern humor.

Letterman pretended to open up about political humor during a recent chat with old pal Regis Philbin.

LETTERMAN: Well – you – I know what your point is, and I have been guilty of appearing to be playing partisan politics. However, I’d just like to say that for the record, I am a registered independent. You go where the material takes you. Poor Bill Clinton. No president that I’m aware of got hammered harder than Bill – President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky situation. We beat up on him. We still use him as a reference. And then we were desperate. We thought, well this was so easy and then we got George Bush, and within a matter of days we realized our prayers had been answered, he’s just as good in terms of material.

PHILBIN: (Laughing)

LETTERMAN: So we – it may appear that we have a slant one way or the other, but if a guy drops his dog, or a guy straps his dog to the roof of a car, or if a guy gets a shoe thrown at him, well this is where the material is going to be.

Interesting. Does Letterman know President Barack Obama once ate a dog and recounted the experience dispassionately in one of his two memoirs? Or that Obama’s team inserted the former senator into the online biographies of past presidents? Or that Obama claimed he was Kenyan in his literary biography for years? Or that Obama’s passion for pot rivaled Bob Marley’s?

The list, sadly, is endless. But Letterman has no interest in perusing said list. He’s a dedicated partisan who makes foolish statements like saying he pretends to follow the material.

Instead, he’s simply using his media platform as an in-kind contribution to the re-election of Obama. The fact that he isn’t honest about that simple truth is a stain on his broadcast legacy.

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