Presidential Perks: More Celebs Meet, Greet Obama

Presidential Perks: More Celebs Meet, Greet Obama

President Barack Obama must be cutting back on his golfing. How else does he have time to meet with so many celebrities?

Last night, he hobnobbed with Reese Witherspoon, Jane Lynch and Julia Roberts at a fundraiser held at the home of “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy. And that was just days after his infamous soiree with George Clooney, Tobey Maguire and a host of fellow actors.

This morning, the president spent time with a gaggle of young actors to help his campaign recapture its youthful 2008 glow.

Celebrities like Jared Leto (who?) and Ian Somerhalder (who??) swapped information on topics like green energy with the president. Wonder if Solyndra came up? Then again, with the press covering up such matters and/or manufacturing similar outrages against Mitt Romney, it’s likely the actors haven’t a clue about the green energy boondoggle.

It must be exhausting for Obama to spend so much time soaking up celebrity accolades, posing with endless pictures with the pretty stars and starlets, appearing on talk show (“The Tonight Show,” “The View”), introducing classic movies and slow jamming the news.

And yet Obama still has time to preside over a stumbling, bumbling economy that his Democratic predecessor Bill Clinton claims is already in a recession.

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