Baldwin Manhandles Media Day 2: Runs Over Reporter's Foot with Bike

Baldwin Manhandles Media Day 2: Runs Over Reporter's Foot with Bike

Truly, a thoughtless little pig:

Photographer-bashing Alec Baldwin found a new target Wednesday, rolling his mountain bike over a television reporter’s foot outside his East Village apartment.

The Emmy-winning “30 Rock” star then used the bike to knock the “Inside Edition” reporter aside as she asked Baldwin a question about his latest public meltdown — a fight with a Daily News photographer.

How much of this is the media going to accept?

Here you have an obvious menace manhandling reporters and all I’ve seen the media do in response is dismiss Baldwin’s behavior.

The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro asks an ill-timed question of the President, and the corrupt media explodes in self-righteous indignation at one of their own. Alec Baldwin physically assaults someone, and the media can hardly summon a care.

The past few days reveal a lot more about the media than about this thoughtless little anti-gay slurring celebrity one-percenter.

ADDED: Baldwin appears to be in meltdown mode. Here is walking Park Avenue following his assault on a Daily News photographer:

No doubt, Baldwin’s fellow one-percenters in media and Hollywood just think he’s all kinds of awesome.


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