When Will Oprah Apologies for Obama's Lies in 'Dreams from My Father?'

When Will Oprah Apologies for Obama's Lies in 'Dreams from My Father?'

Oprah Winfrey takes her literary responsibilities seriously.

Oprah’s Book Club helps promote the work of many reputable authors to viewers who admire Winfrey’s taste in literature as well as her warm, fuzzy personality.

So when Winfrey-endorsed author James Frey admitted in 2006 his memoir, “A Million Little Pieces,” featured lies and serious exaggerations, Winfrey publicly apologized to her fans for lending Frey her support. And, for good measure, she tore into the fabulist author during a tense interview on her television show.

Winfrey will not stand for lying in print. So why is she so silent about “Dreams from My Father” and its famous author?

President Barack Obama’s 1995 memoir, we’ve learned in recent days, is chock full of “lies and serious exaggerations.” Thirty eight to be exact.

And few celebrities embraced Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign with the fervor Winfrey did. So does Winfrey feel “conned” as she was with Frey’s confession? Will she publicly chastise the president for his serial falsehoods?

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