Hollywood Liberals Should Call for Stricter Movie Ratings, Not Gun Control

Hollywood Liberals Should Call for Stricter Movie Ratings, Not Gun Control

Liberal celebrities like Jason Alexander, John Leguizamo and Piers Morgan used the July 20 theater massacre in Colorado to promote more punitive gun control measures.

Forbes.com writer Ralph Benko says new controls might help prevent future atrocities, but not the measures these folks are thinking.

Benko points to research tying violent media with violent behavior in teens and pre-teens, and says movie ratings must be strengthened in order to shield children from such content.

The liberal call for gun control is not unlike Lady Macbeth muttering “Out, damned spot” in an attempt to expiate herself from complicity with murder….

Hollywood isn’t the first industry, in the face of absolutely damning evidence, to take pusillanimous refuge in a “the jury is still out” defense. Will the MPAA go the way of the Tobacco Institute?

….There is no place for children at an orgy of violence like the (merely R-rated) Pulp Fiction or a torture-themed demented fantasy like Dark Knight. Aurora calls out for industry-embrace of self-imposed rigorous age limits to prevent vulnerable children from exposure to “blood-soaked blockbusters.” Aurora calls for an NC-17 — not an R, or, as withDark Night or Dark Knight Rising, merely PG-13 — rating for movies themed with graphic violence or torture and psychopaths.

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