Thrill is Gone: Moore, Sarandon Disheartened by Obama's First Term

Thrill is Gone: Moore, Sarandon Disheartened by Obama's First Term

Come November, director Michael Moore and actress Susan Sarandon will pull the lever for President Barack Obama – again.

No surprises there.

What is interesting is their enthusiasm gap between then … and now. Call it Hope and Change meets Hard, Cruel Reality.

Moore and Sarandon were in Michigan last night chatting about movies and politics, and the Oscar-winning director sounded pretty disappointed about the Obama administration.

“I wouldn’t say I support him. I would say I will vote for him,” Moore said during a panel discussion with fellow Oscar winner Sarandon at the Traverse City Film Festival.

The director of “Roger & Me” and “Fahrenheit 9/11″ said he was “appalled and disgusted” by the administration’s use of drone missiles to attack suspected militants in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Sarandon seemed to share Moore’s deflated opinion of Obama, although she couched it in rather selfish terms.

“I wouldn’t say the White House has taken me under its wing and made me one of its best buddies.”

The pair isn’t alone. Other celebrities, including Matt Damon, have expressed frustration over Obama’s first term. And while the president can count on plenty of votes from Hollywood, it’s clear the passion that drove the entertainment industry back in 2008 is going … going … gone.