'Gatsby' Bumped to 2013 – Another Black Eye for 3D?

'Gatsby' Bumped to 2013 – Another Black Eye for 3D?

Clark Kent. Tony Stark. Captain James T. Kirk.

Jay Gatsby?

The 2013 summer movie slate will feature the standard popcorn bait, from the third installment of “Iron Man” to a “Superman” reboot and a new “Star Trek” adventure.

Now, “The Great Gatsby” is joining that blockbuster-heavy crowd. Director Baz Luhrmann’s update on the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel is being moved from December 2012 to Summer 2013.


Warner Bros. insists the switch means the film’s potential audience will be best served by a summer crowd. The LA Times says its sources pin the blame on the film’s 3D effects. They just aren’t ready for their close up yet.

The affair reminds us why 3D has been such a bane to movie goers. The results are so rarely worth the surcharge, period. Most films barely take advantage of the technology, and even movies that do (“Avatar”) still look smashing in two dimensions.

Don’t believe me? Find the biggest flat panel TV in your neighborhood, pop the Blu-ray edition of “Avatar” in and prepare to be amazed. No funny glasses required.

So rather than appreciate “The Great Gatsby” this winter, a time when serious movies get more attention, praise and respect, “Gatsby” will rub shoulders with superhero movies and R-rated comedies.

We’re all for counter programming, but if “The Great Gatsby” is as, to quote Rodney Dangerfield in “Back to School,” “great” why not give it the best chance for Oscar consideration by releasing it in the heart of awards season?

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