Ill Advised, Questionable Advice from Jon David Kahn

Ill Advised, Questionable Advice from Jon David Kahn

Need advice?

Known in the Breitbart community for his bold and self-sacrificing series My Weekly Date with A Liberal, which left him disoriented, broken, and shockingly still single, Jon David Kahn has returned to the site with a new feature that we are 62% sure you will enjoy. Having learned very little from dating Liberals and even less from life in general, Jon has decided that validation can only come through advising others about their problems. Through this process, he is confident he can avoid responsibility for his own life while building a foundation made of a false sense of self esteem from which to catapult to nowhere.

He has a Masters in Co-Dependency and a B.A. in Familial Neuroses. He is unlicensed and uniquely ill equipped to advise anyone. That being said, please email your quandary to Jon at

The truly desperate can also follow Jon on twitter @mrjondavid.