'Key & Peele' Play Up Romney Tax Non-Issue, Continue Defending President

'Key & Peele' Play Up Romney Tax Non-Issue, Continue Defending President

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele used the first season of their Comedy Central sketch series to protect President Barack Obama from any and all criticism.

Looks like we can expect more of the same from “Key & Peele” during season two.

The series, which returns with fresh episodes Sept. 26, released a new sketch featuring President Obama’s Anger Translator, Luther, echoing Democratic talking points to defend Obama’s record.

Now, with Mitt Romney officially cast as the president’s GOP opponent, the Comedy Central stars are taking him on directly. In the Age of Obama, comedians would rather attack the person trying to become president than the fellow actually residing in the White House.

The sketch below spins madly on Obama’s half, pretending that the president has been transparent regarding his personal records while making a huge deal out of Romney’s decision not to release a flood of tax records.

“I don’t know nobody who has a Swiss bank account except for Goldfinger and Octopussy. Y’all Republicans just nominated a James Bond villain for president,” Luther cries.

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