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Champagne Towers: Obama Feted by Beyonce, Jay-Z at $40K Per Head Fundraiser

Champagne Towers: Obama Feted by Beyonce, Jay-Z at $40K Per Head Fundraiser


The media constantly reports that Mitt Romney isn’t like us. He’s aloof, rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and can’t relate to Joe Sixpack.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is hobnobbing with big name celebrities – again – while the Middle East burns, the economy craters and a former Navy SEAL killed in the attack on the American consulate in Libya is laid to rest.

Last night, Obama raked in $4 million at the 40/40 Club, a swanky gathering hosted by music superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce. The event “featured a champagne tower of 350 bottles worth $105,000 – more than twice the median household income of an American family.”

About 100 donors who paid $40,000 each to attend the event sat on sofas in a large, glass room, according to the pool report.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé gave only brief remarks, letting Mr. Obama bask in limelight.

“I can’t tell you how proud we are to host tonight’s event with President Obama,” Beyoncé, who was wearing a red cocktail dress, told the crowd. “We believe in his vision.”

Update:, ignoring the optics of a president overseeing a rotten economy living it up like a one percenter, dubs this snapshot, “the most perfect photo of all time.”

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