Psy's Anti-American Rants Ignore U.S. Sacrifices for His Homeland

Psy's Anti-American Rants Ignore U.S. Sacrifices for His Homeland

A quick word about the South Korean rapper Psy. I understand he has apologized for his song whose lyrics are filled with such anti-US military vitriol as:

“Kill those f*****g Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives.

Kill those f*****g Yankees who ordered them to torture.

Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers.

Kill them all slowly and painfully.”

Whatever. I’m not going to belabor this point. Everyone reading this knows how much the U.S. soldier, sailor, airman and Marine has done for South Korea, even if PSY in his intellectual dishonesty does not.

Still, I think some youngsters in South Korea (and for that matter in many other countries who live free of tyranny, terror and privation today thanks to America) need to be reminded of what those “f*****g Yankees” endured so they would never suffer the same horrific fate to which their malnourished slave neighbors north of the DMZ were condemned. 

36,940 dead, 92,134 wounded, 3,737 MIA, and 4,439 POW to be precise.

If these are just numbers to the 35-year-old South Korean music sensation and his posse, then perhaps a look into the eyes of my own much less famous 20-something father, 2nd Lieutenant John M. “Jack” Schaeffer, 1st U.S. Marines is helpful in driving the point home.

What better way for me to illustrate how much of an ingrate Psy and others who nod in approval at his ignorant hatred truly are than to offer up this old family photo.

Here is my dad on a Swedish hospital ship sometime in 1951 or 1952 (it’s not dated) recovering from combat wounds he and other “f*****g Yankees” suffered on Psy’s grandparents’ and their succeeding generations’ behalf.


Note his purple heart … fresh and shiny. Had it not been for “f*****g Yankees” like my Dad, this now-wealthy South Korean wouldn’t be “Oppan Gangnam Style” so much a “Starving Pyongyang Style.”

See you on the has-been pages in a year, pal.