Actress Jennifer O'Neill Marches With West Coast for Life

Actress Jennifer O'Neill Marches With West Coast for Life

Actress and model Jennifer O’Neill came to understand the psychological trauma that accompanies abortion when she was 19 and had an abortion herself.

“Post-abortive women are prone to depression, suicide, alcohol and drug problems, and problems having relationships with later children,” O’Neill told the National Catholic Register. “That is the truth that has to be told.”

O’Neill, an evangelical Christian who lives in Nashville, has been involved with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and the West Coast Walk for Life, which took place in San Francisco on Saturday.

“There has never been a more critical time to support the pro-life movement, protect the rights of the unborn, and make known the truth about the devastating aftermath of abortion,” O’Neill said. “Not only for babies, but for women and families affected by such unimaginable loss.”

O’Neill said that the advice she would give to a young woman who finds herself pregnant would be to take it one step at a time, and find people who will support you through the pregnancy.

“Whatever stage of gestation they’re carrying their baby, there are people, organizations, and crisis-pregnancy centers all over the place that provide support, care and ultrasounds,” O’Neill said. “Even among those who become pregnant through rape or incest, only 1% choose abortion. Most feel that violence was perpetrated against them, and they don’t want to perpetrate violence against their child.”

O’Neill said that 43% of women who reach age 55 have had an abortion. That means if a woman hasn’t had an abortion, she knows someone who has.”

O’Neill states that “75% of our youth are pro-life.” She believes that this number is so high “because they are coming from a culture of death. One-third of their generation is missing.”

Of her own experience, O’Neill says, “God had a plan for my life; he was waiting for me to turn to him. It’s been a journey of repair, renewal, and revival.”