Intellectually Indifferent Jon Stewart Calls GOP 'Stupid'

Intellectually Indifferent Jon Stewart Calls GOP 'Stupid'

Jon Stewart may be adored by the press, but his lack of intellectual curiosity and willingness to play the sound bite shuffle may be his undoing.

Case in point: During last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Stewart jumped on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s criticism of his own part as being “stupid.”

Lazily, Stewart pounced.

“Instead of coming up with messaging to convince people that you don’t believe women’s vaginas have built-in defense systems that repel ill-gotten sperm, what you could try is not believing that women’s vaginas have that capability,” Stewart said.

You see, because one member of the GOP said something indefensible and dumb then we can paint the entire party with that brush. If that were the standard, Vice President Joe Biden’s impact on the Democrat party would be to shrink it to the size of a Green Party coffee klatsch.

Watch any episode of The Daily Show and you quickly decode Stewart’s style. Sound bite … smirk, sound bite …eyebrow raise, sound bite … cue the audience applause. Stewart may have once been a gimlet-eyed observer of the political machine, a man who famously trashed the CNN shoutfest Crossfire for being a pox on polite society, but now he’s simply a propaganda tool for the Left. And a predictable one at that.

Sure, he occasionally wanders off the reservation, like when he threw a tough question at hypocrite extraordinaire Al Gore, but most nights he’s there to assure liberals that they’re oh, so smart and correct on the news of the day.

Never mind the recovery-free recovery, the stupendous national debt or any other national problem getting worse under Obama the All Powerful. Nothing to mock there. But if one GOP says something worthy of ridicule, well, it’s time to break out the sound bite scissors.

Just plain lazy. And someday, maybe soon, even Stewart’s progressive pals may start to notice.