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Fox's 'Mindy Project' Honors Troops Sans Irony

Fox's 'Mindy Project' Honors Troops Sans Irony


My Spider Sense tingled just a few minutes into a recent episode of Fox’s The Mindy Project. Actually, they started to throb like a rotten tooth is more accurate.

The sitcom featured guest star Seth Rogen as Sam, a potential new mate for the perennially single Mindy (show star/writer Mindy Kaling). The two characters met years earlier at a Jewish camp, and now Sam is back in her life during a break from his military obligations.

He’s in the Army, you see. He even wears an Army T-shirt throughout the episode. You know what’s coming next, right?

(spoiler alerts to follow)

He’s a sham. He’s a hypocrite. He’s not in the Army at all. He’s not as sweet and kind as he would have you believe. Take your pick.

Nope. The episode moves on, Mindy’s work mates express gratitude for Sam’s service and Sam, despite a genuine connection with the show’s main character, is eager to resume his duties in the Middle East. The episode also featured winning character moments, wry humor and strong chemistry between Kaling and her “work” mates–including the always solid Chris Messina.

Viewers sick of anti-military themes in the entertainment world can catch up with the episode dubbed The One That Got Away via Fox’s web site.

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