Greg Gutfeld Fires Back at Jim Carrey's Gun Tirade, Calls Comic a 'Dirty, Stinking Coward'

Greg Gutfeld Fires Back at Jim Carrey's Gun Tirade, Calls Comic a 'Dirty, Stinking Coward'

Jim Carrey wouldn’t be able to disseminate his Cold Dead Hand song, a tune mocking the late Charlton Heston and Second Amendment supporters, without the power of New Media.

The very same New Media allows Greg Gutfeld to fire back at Carrey, a verbal trouncing the comic wouldn’t receive in a prior, less connected age.

Carrey’s song, published at the reliably humorless Funny or Die web site, takes aim at Heston’s pro-gun stance as well as anyone who clings to the right to bear arms.

Heston isn’t around to answer Carrey’s insulting attack, but Gutfeld wasn’t afraid to respond. His retort, first heard on Fox News’ The Five, mocked both Carrey’s politically correct targets as well as the comedian’s past fear-mongering over vaccine use.

What did jackass Jim Carrey do? He was behind that anti-vaccine panic. There’s 160,000 people that died from measles last year, according to World Health Organization. Jim Carrey has killed more people than the rifles combined. He’s a dirty, stinking coward. He’s a moral coward. He did a video attacking rural America. You wouldn’t do video about gangs which kills more people with handguns. He wouldn’t do that because he is too worried about his career. He’s such a pathetic, sad, little freak. He is a gibbering mess.

Not so much fun picking on someone who can fight back, is it Ace Ventura?

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