Adam Carolla: Welfare Recipients 'Atrophy' Under Government Handouts

Adam Carolla: Welfare Recipients 'Atrophy' Under Government Handouts

Adam Carolla shares stories about growing up on food stamps on his popular podcast. So when he talks about the damaging impact government handouts can have on a struggling family it’s not just empty rhetoric.

He lived it. And now he’s literally a millionaire, as he regularly told his old Loveline radio listeners.

Carolla shared his personal views on welfare during this week’s Rollin’ with Carolla segment on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor.

Here’s really what I object to: It’s not that certain people don’t need help from us, and the government. It’s that when you give too many people help, they start to atrophy…. 

My mother got food stamps, and we used food stamps, and she waited for her food stamps to come twice a month instead of go out and look for a job….

I don’t have the white privilege guilt that many other people in the media have. I understand what it’s like to be on the dole. And it doesn’t make these people any stronger. You hobble these people; you take away the one thing they have, which is dignity, and the ability to pull them out of this mire.