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Tony Bennett Helps Brady Campaign to Target Pols on Gun Control Push

Tony Bennett Helps Brady Campaign to Target Pols on Gun Control Push


Crooner Tony Bennett is teaming up with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Voices Against Violence on a text message mission to let citizens reach out to Senate offices.

Bennett told Politico we live in frightening times, but citizens shouldn’t be afraid of speaking out against gun violence.

“There’ something that’s gone wrong and, as citizens, we should protest what happened in Connecticut. It should never happen again anywhere in the United States and we should be the country that teaches the rest of the world that we, the citizens of America, want peace and not violence….”

“This is a job for the people, not for the politicians, not for businessmen that sell weapons. We should definitely have the public tell every one of their senators and congressmen that they’re against the assault weapons,” Bennett said. “We’re living in the greatest country in the world and why should we get so distorted and frightened about one another?”

Adam Lanza, the young man who shot up Sandy Hook Elementary School last year, did not use an assault weapon during his attack.

Bennett drew unwelcome headlines earlier this year on the subject of guns when he compared America to Nazi Germany.

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