Huffington Post: 'Duck Dynasty' Has Too Much 'Redneck Factor' To Appeal To Americans

Huffington Post: 'Duck Dynasty' Has Too Much 'Redneck Factor' To Appeal To Americans

When David Aronchick reviewed Duck Dynasty’s season finale for the Huffington Post, he said season three demonstrated the show had gone too far–that the “redneck factor” was ruining what had been a great show for two seasons prior, and the end is at hand.

In reviewing the final episode, Aronchick suggested somewhat rhetorically:

Perhaps the main problem Duck Dynasty’s producers have right now is that they have employed a winning cast, complete with hot women, rich dudes, and even a modern-day redneck court jester [in Uncle Si], but they pushed the redneck button way too hard in season three?

Aronchick claims the close of season three showed Duck Commander patriarch Phil Robertson to be “Pathetic Phil.” He says the finale presented Robertson as a “lame duck” who spent “his time in bed watching the Bourne franchise” and then talking like a redneck while getting “a beachside massage from a hottie.”

Question for Aronchick-What if Robertson really is a redneck? What if that’s not a role that producers have forced him, or any of the men in the Robertson family, to play?

Keep in mind, Terry Bradshaw has long described Robertson as being in real life just what he appears to be on the screen. In his 2001 book, It’s Only A Game, Bradshaw said Robertson used to show up for football practice at Louisiana Tech “directly from the woods, squirrel tails hanging out of his pockets, duck feathers on his clothes.”

Isn’t there a chance this “redneck factor” is real and is what’s actually pulling viewers in instead of driving them away?

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